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Wilko Johnson Visitor Centre

Oakfield Wood, Wrabness - Woodland Burial Ground and Nature Reserve


Woodland and
Nature Reserve

Oakfield Wood at Wrabness, which opened more than a decade ago, aimed to be the antithesis of a traditional cemetery. Instead of large, cracked monuments, the emphasis is on nature and a green approach. It's a place of open skies, of trees and birds, and overlooks the river. In the summer it will be buzzing with insects and the life of nature. It's managed as a nature reserve and always will be. It's not manicured - it's not neat, it's a woodland and nature reserve.


Wilko Johnson Laid to Rest at Oakfield Wood

The singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor - whose real name was John Wilkinson -had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2013, but said in 2019: "It seems very unjust but I’m in the clear and feeling pretty healthy other than I’m missing a pancreas but apart from that I’m really fit." 


Wilko 1 - Cancer - 0

The Dr Feelgood Star and Game of Thrones Actor from Canvey had previously been diagnosed with cancer but overcame the disease, despite initially being given less than a year to live and saying NO to chemotherapy. Wilko was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer in 2013 and was given just 10 months to live, when in fact he enjoyed 10 years after a successful surgery. 


Support The Visitor Centre

These facilities will benefit all visitors to the Wrabness Woodland, whether visiting relatives laid to rest here or revelling in the sheer variety of birdlife and wildlife. 

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