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About the Visitor Centre

Oakfield Wood is an idyllic and serene woodland burial ground on the banks of the River Stour in North Essex and is now maturing into a stunning and peaceful wildlife habitat supported by the Essex Wildlife Trust. Over 3,000 people have been laid to rest at the site and this has led to the need for a permanent Visitor Centre to support those visiting their loved ones.


The visitor centre will also provide the necessary amenities and shelter to all those visiting both the Woodland of Remembrance and the incredible wildlife and birdlife, which can be found  within this beautiful Essex Wildlife Trust site.

All Donations to help create this wonderful community facility will be gratefully received.

Wilko Johnson Visitor Centre
Image Credit: Paul Crowther 

Wilko Johnson

In November 2022, world-renowned musician Wilko Johnson (lead singer and guitarist of Dr Feelgood) was laid to rest by his family in Oakfield Wood. After close consultation with his family, it was decided to name the visitor centre after him. Wilko’s passion and love of the Essex countryside were well known, and therefore, it will be a fitting tribute to continue his legacy in the small corner of the Essex countryside. 

Wilko Johnson was one of the most distinctive British rock guitarists with the band Dr Feelgood and was infamous for his stark chords and pin-sharp riffs.  Johnson had an intimidating stage presence, invariably dressed in black, his eyes staring out across the audience. He began playing the guitar after being inspired by watching the Shadows on television. He later developed his unique style due to inspiration from Mick Green, guitarist with Johnny Kidd & the Pirates. Green’s skill in mixing up lead and rhythm guitar had a clear influence on Johnson’s technique. 

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